Attracting women is the holy grail of dating.  If you can’t attract a woman it’s 100% certain that you’ll never date a woman.  Attracting a woman really isn’t that hard.  The hard part is dealing with your own worry as you take the risk of putting yourself out there.  There are a few basic things you need to know how to attract women.  Let’s begin with your friends.

If you’re like most guys, you have friends that seem to be naturally great at attracting women, no matter where they are.  The next time you’re out with them, stop and watch what they’re doing.  How are they acting?  What are they saying?  What’s their body language like?  Take notes, if you need to.  If you want to know how to attract women, watch the guys that do it all the time.

I don’t know your friends, but, I bet I can tell you three things that they’re doing that you aren’t, and that’s making all the difference.

  1. They’re flirting from the beginning, you’re not.
  2. They’re relaxed and having fun, you’re nervous.
  3. They’re being themselves and having a good time, while you’re sweating bullets to even talk with a woman.

Knowing how to attract women is more how you see yourself than how a woman sees you.  Your friends know this.  That’s why they attract women naturally and easily.

The number one thing you need to do to know how to attract women is to stop worrying about how you come across.  To get a woman to notice you, have confidence in yourself first.  Relax and learn to have fun with approaching women.  Have some confidence in yourself.  That attitude is killer when it comes to attracting women.

They say that practice makes all the difference between a great athlete and a good one.  The same thing is true for approaching women and knowing how to attract women.  Try out some of the techniques that you saw your friends use to approach and talk with women.  Don’t worry about whether or not they work, just relax and try them.  Have fun at it.  If it doesn’t work on this one, just consider this to be a dry run for practice.  Move on to the next one.  You’ll find that you’ll improve with each experience until you’re doing this so naturally and easily that you almost stop thinking about it.

There are literally hundreds of techniques you can use to know how to attract women.  But it’s not the techniques that make a woman attracted to you.  It’s your own attitude, your own level of fun and relaxation.

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