I decided.

One day I decided to learn how to be a player.  I had been going out and watching these guys with girls hanging off their arms.  They looked so cool and they just seemed like they knew exactly how to dress and what to say to get any woman what they wanted.

I found out pretty quickly that learning how to be a player was a tough act.  Everything I did looked ridiculous.  I spent all kinds of money, time, and effort trying to act, look, smell, to become a player.  I ended up looking awkward with my friends shaking their heads and laughing.

Then I looked around again.  I saw a bunch of average looking guys out there, taking home beautiful girls!  Now, there weren’t dozens of women hanging off of their arms, but they were definitely beautiful, hot women going home with average guys.  So, I changed my strategy.  I watched what the average guys were doing.

They were taking home more beautiful women than the so-called players were.  And they were having more fun with less hassle from the women they were with.  No outlandish clothing, no bizarre behavior.  Just nice, average guys having the time of their lives and all the sex they wanted.

I realized that the problem with trying to learn how to be a player was that I forgot how to be myself.  In my quest to become a player, I lost my own edge.  My identity.

Things are different now.  I’ve gone from looking ridiculous and rather pathetic in trying to learn how to be a player to a nice, average guy who takes home any beautiful girl he wants.  I did learn a few techniques from guys that are players, like using a little cocky humor, the different ways to flirt during conversations, and a few smooth moves.  But, by in large, I’m just my own man again.  And I’m having the time of my life!

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