It’s better than love potion #9 and doesn’t cost a cent.  But you’ll be able to attract any woman you want and get her to do whatever you want if you learn the skill of being the alpha male that already resides within you.

In order to be that powerful alpha male you not only have to behave like an alpha male but you also have look like one.  Appearance and Behavior are the keys we broadcast that state that we’re an alpha male.  Without you’ll just be an alpha fail.

Being an alpha male means that you possess the key characteristics that we all look for in leaders.  You attract followers and inspire people to do things your way.  Being an alpha male means you are a powerful and influential person who is able to persuade others and sway them to think and do things your way.

Women are drawn to the macho character of an assertive man who walks in his own confidence and is able to take command of any situation that presents itself.  Self confidence breeds trust and belief in others who know it when they see it.  Once you inspire a woman to trust you and believe in you it’s only a matter of time before she admires you.

One of the primary alpha male behaviors is to be relaxed and confident.  That isn’t just a feeling you have within yourself.  It’s a feeling that’s so powerful that it is conveyed to others.  A good way to convey this confidence is to make eye contact in a totally relaxed manner.

Just as confidence goes beyond our inner life our expectations also take on a life of their own.  What you think, feel and believe will happen somehow magically does happen.  So remember, if you believe it, it will happen.  That goes for the negative as well as the positive.  Men who get rejected always expected to get rejected.  It’s a fact of life.  So expect success.


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