Most people equate arrogance with pride.  And most people see pride as a failure of character.  What almost nobody realized is that there are two kinds of arrogance just as there are two kinds of pride.  A father would be well within his rights to be proud of his child’s achievement.  In the same way, that dad will brag brashly about his child’s achievement.

Using arrogance to make women chase you all the way to the bedroom and beg you for sex isn’t a task for the squeamish.  If you’re not confident enough to KNOW that you’re worth any woman’s time and energy then you’ll likely fail at using arrogance to cause any woman to be permanently attracted to you.

Is arrogance a negative characteristic?  Let the losers think so while you use this natural talent to get all the women you want!  It’s been used for centuries by great leaders who make bold claims and drive crowds into violent frenzies.  All you want to do is to use it to drive women in uncontrollable frenzies. J

Arrogance will allow you to call to women from across the room with nothing more than your posture and your eyes.  You’ll be astound at how quickly they’ll forsake their friends and make a bee line for you.  Stop chasing women who only want to play the game.  Turn the game around and control their hearts and minds with little to no effort.

When you possess and display the proper amount of arrogance you’ll instantly become the most popular guy in the room.  Not only will you know you have superior abilities but everyone will recognize that and agree with you.

Be careful because arrogance can easily turn into obnoxiousness and this will turn women against you.  It’s a very fine line that has to be walked carefully.  Many a fool has fallen prey to the obnoxious nature that beckons to him.  Like the evil mermaid that lures sailors to their doom, obnoxiousness will leave you crippled and bleeding on the rocky shores of dating.


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