Talking with a woman on a friendly basis is great.  You get to know each other a little, you get to check out her personality, her style and see if she’s someone you want to be interested in.  Up to now, it’s been smooth sailing.  But, for some reason, you’re choking up.  You like her, really thinks she’s hot!  But you don’t know how to tell a woman that you like her.  This is a big stumbling block for a lot of guys.  Here are some tips to help you get through that block.

The easiest and safest way is to flirt.  Flirting is just playing around, so you effectively remove being rejected.  She’ll play right along with you if she likes you.  If she doesn’t, then you haven’t put your ego out there to be sliced and diced.  You’ll know within a moment or two if she likes you.  This is the easiest, safest, and best way I know of to know how to tell a woman that you like her.

Flirting in this way is another method of how to tell a woman that you like her.  Flirting is a communication skill all to itself.  When you flirt, you’re finding out some key information, many times without talking at all!  Flirting with a woman tells her that you think she’s sexy.  It tells her that you like her.  Flirting asks the question of ‘do you like me, too?’  It also says, without actually saying the words, ‘let’s step this up a notch’ or even ‘let’s have sex sometime’.

Remember, women love to have fun.  What better way to have fun than to flirt with each other!  She’ll see that you have confidence in yourself, that your fun to be with and that you know how to arouse her.  And she’s going to realize that you know how to tell a woman that you like her.  All of these are desirable feelings that women want to sense with her partner.

What happens next?  Well, if she backs away or becomes disinterested, you know that you need to move on.  No harm, no foul.  But, if she flirts back at you, she is saying, “YES!”   This is where you’ve know for certain that you have the skill of knowing how to tell a woman that you like her.  You use the technique over, and over with as many women as you choose.

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