I’ve got a question for you.  When you walk into a room full of people, do you find the man in the room to follow, or are YOU the man that everyone else follows?  If you’re the guy that follows the lead of someone else I’ve got some news for you – you’re not an alpha male.  The guy that everyone is following is.  Quite frankly, women are very attracted to alpha males.

Don’t get discouraged, though.  You can learn to be an alpha male.  It’s not about looks, athletics, or money.  It’s about attitude.  Once you learn how to become an alpha male you’ll find that you will attract more women more quickly and garner the respect of the other men around you.

The reason I asked the question of what happens when you enter a room is that a man that is an alpha male will assume that they have increased status in any social situation.  He assumes the leaders position or at least one of the leader positions in that situation.  By doing this he shows that he is confident in himself and his abilities.  The natural response to the alpha male is to follow him and respect him.  This includes the women in the room taking special notice of him.

Another step in learning how to become an alpha male is knowing where and when to use just the right amount of cocky, playful humor around women.  This is a bit trickier, but is still something that you can learn.  If you continue to use only generic, safe humor, you’ll be known as a nice guy, but it won’t attract women to you like a little dangerous playful humor.  It will show women that you’re not afraid to show some of your sexuality.  You’re no wimp.  You know how to make people laugh with just the right amount of sexual innuendo.

One of the most important elements in learning how to become an alpha male is in the area of confidence.  Having confidence is the first and foremost trait of an alpha male.  It’s first and foremost in attracting women, as well.  Confidence makes women feel safe, it helps them feel more feminine, and to be more relaxed.  Confidence is a big turn-on for women.

The last step in learning how to be an alpha male is confidence in your masculinity.  You’re not ashamed to be male in all of its facets.  Your demeanor, style, and body language show you know what you want and that you’re not afraid to go after it.  You’re not afraid to be around women.  You know who you are and believe in yourself, regardless of what anyone else says.  You have a presence around women that shows you are in control and are calm.

Take the time to invest in yourself to become an alpha male.  You’re worth it, and the women around you will definitely respond.

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