Younger women are, as a matter of fact, attracted to older men.  Usually, it’s within the ten to fifteen year range of their age.  It’s easy to know how to date younger women.  Just realize that there are multiple reasons why, and they usually stem from having bad relationships with men (or boys, as the case might be) around their own age.  By the time they’re out of those relationships, they’re ready for someone who they can trust and depend on – namely, you.

Nearly all women want a man that is has self-confidence and who isn’t afraid to stand his ground.  Now, I’m not talking about a possessive and over-bearing man, but a man with maturity and some stability.  Knowing how to date younger women starts with being yourself.

Quite frankly, a woman wants a man who is financially secure, as well.  That doesn’t mean rich, but it does mean that he can afford to take her out to someplace nice and not look worried about the how much the evening costs.  This is the simplest element in knowing how to date younger women.
Women are sensual creatures.  They want a man who knows how to touch every erotic spot on their bodies and is willing to slow things down and show them that they know.  Having sex with a younger woman is more about the experience and making her feel totally satisfied.  Young guys probably know this, but aren’t patient enough to take the time to satisfy them.

Here are a few tips to get you started in meeting and getting close to younger women.

  1. Act like a friend.  This is the time to establish yourself in her mind as a man who is different from everyone else.  Just talk in a friendly way and get to know her.
  2. Do something a little unexpected.  After you get to know her, invite her out for drinks at a jazz or R&B club.  Something where she’ll need to get dressed up a bit.  Something that’s fun, and is obviously more expensive than what she’s been used to doing with other guys she’s dated.
  3. Make her feel special.  Dress up for her – groom yourself well, dress well.  Put on some nice cologne so when you kiss her cheek to greet her she can sense that you took some effort just to please her.
  4. Be relaxed and have patience.  Go at her speed.  Give her the option of making the first move.  But when she does, continue to go slow, but steady, with her.  When she’s with you she wants to be seduced, but not hurried.  Always keep her wanting more.

The real trick in knowing how to date younger women is know that they want a man who has the experience and the proven performance to make them feel special.

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