Development means just that.  It’s a process.  The learning process we go through to gain the skills to talk to women is like any other learning process.  It’s full of failure.  Don’t worry, failure is part of the learning process.  In fact, human beings tend to learn more from failure than they do from success.  The guy who can naturally talk to women probably doesn’t understand his skill and therefore can’t utilize it properly.  The guy who’s failed and learned what works holds the power to use his skill on any woman he wishes to approach.

Plan on failing.  Count on it.  Depend on it.  Embrace it when it happens but always learn from it.  What was the problem?  Why did it happen?  How can it be prevented in the future?  What would have worked better?

There’s no question that women love to have conversations.  If you’re going to have any hope of attracting women you’ll have to learn the language I call feminese.  It’s the language, and more importantly the language style, of women.

Women play with language whereas men see language as a tool.  Consider conversation to be nothing but another form of foreplay.  That’s exactly what it is for a woman.  You’ll find that women are stirred by talking much more quickly than by any physical contact.  Be prepared to become an expert at talking with women or be prepared to be lonely.

Ok, so, how to develop these discussion skills?  There are so many ways that it won’t be possible to mention them all so I’ll just share a few really good ones.

First impressions count so make sure that whatever approach you use to open a conversation is interesting.  Not interesting to you but interesting to her.  Being cute doesn’t count here.  In fact it could kill your relationship before you get started.  Just ask yourself what this woman is probably interested in then open a conversation by talking about that.

Always be prepared with a couple of very interesting stories.  Make certain that they’re not too long or they’ll be boring.  Be careful to include sense details.  Describe things that relate to the senses in the story.  Saying you walked into the room isn’t nearly as interesting as saying As you walked into the room you could smell the steak being cooked.  Use Sound, Taste, Touch, Sight, and Smell to express your stories.  Include what you may think are mundane details.  Women love details.

Humor has it’s place but don’t be a total clown.  If you can make a woman laugh you’ve already conquered half of her heart.  Laugher is a clear, unconscious message from a woman that she’s falling for you.  You’ve put her at ease, pulled her into your humorous story, and given her entertainment.  Her laugh is letting you know that you are just the kind of guy she’s looking for.

Now we come to the most powerful technique.  Flattery.

Flattery comes in two flavors.  Real and False.  False flattery is insincere and will be spotted in a heartbeat.  It will brand you as a deceptive person and end every chance you might have had immediately.  Real flattery, flattery that’s sincerely expressed is like nitroglycerine to a race car’s engine.  You’ll go further and faster than you can imagine.

Just like nitro, though, it can be dangerous if mishandled.  Be sure to flatter her on things that she chooses.  The things she chooses are the things she is.  For instance if you compliment her on the color of her eyes you’re not complimenting her…just something her body has.  This will show that you’re focused on her body and not on her.  On the other hand, complimenting her choice of clothing or an opinion she expresses is a clear flattery of her inner self.

Remember, women are all about connecting/relating to others.  This will create an immediate bridge between you and she’ll feel like she relates to you well and will instantly find herself being attracted to you.

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