In case you weren’t aware of it there’s nothing women despise more than a nice guy.  Of course, all women like a nice guy.  He’ll make a great friend.  But if your goal is more than being a friend forget it.  Nice guys repulse women when it comes to the game of attraction.  What do I mean by a nice guy?  They’re easy to recognize.  They’re eager to please a woman.  They buy gifts all the time.  They’re so eager to attract a woman by being pleasing them that they completely ignore what the woman really needs.

To understand what a woman needs you have to look at her psychological make up.  Women need to take care of people.  They’re nurturers.  Their goal in life is to support and help people grow.  Without a challenge to overcome they’ll never feel attraction toward a man.  They need to be needed.  They need to be able to help you grow and overcome your life challenges.

Your job, if you choose to attract a woman, is to present yourself as a challenge that she’ll feel the need to deal with.  This can be

done by selecting your own set of standards ahead of time and sticking to them.  Whenever she disrespects your standards or expects you to meet her standards for you you’ll need to stand hard and let her know where to get off.

This isn’t disrespect for a woman.  This is respect for your own life standards and it’s you meeting her need for a strong man who presents a challenge.  You’re actually being respectful of her need.  She may not even be aware of this need but she has it.

This strong stand should be expressed as self confidence.  If you’re not confident in yourself you can’t inspire confidence for you in her.  Your strength is something that she’s strongly attracted to.  Any man who lacks confidence is a wimp.

Project an “I don’t give a damn” attitude.  If she perceives that you’re willing to walk away you won’t be remotely mistaken for being a ‘nice guy’.  Once you kill off the nice guy in you by adopting a personal conduct code so you’re confident you’ll light her inner fire and you’ll both soon be toasty.

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