There’s no question that a girlfriend will complete your life experience in wonderful ways.  The problem is that it seems to be a massive mystery when it comes to getting a girlfriend.  Don’t worry if that’s a problem for you.  Almost every guy out there goes through this same problem.

In order to assist you on your love quest here are 5 very simple steps that will move you from complete loneliness to relational bliss

Step One: Develop the ability to attract women

Women need to be attracted.  They are attractive creatures and spend the vast majority of their time working to attract our attention.  They expect nothing less than that from us.  Be sure that you pay particular attention to your personal hygiene.  Your clothing should not be outrageous.

Watch women.  They watch men.  Watch what men they watch.  Observe them as they observe others and take notes.  Write down what you see that causes them to smile and laugh.  It’s pretty clear after a while what they like.  All you have to do after that is adopt the things that you saw attracting them.

Step Two: Create a relationship map so you know where you’re headed

If you don’t know what you want you’re never going to find it in a woman.  Create a list of things you want in a woman.  Create the perfect woman on paper but never expect her to be perfect.  None of us are.  Then start looking for that woman.  How?

Step Three: Location, location, location.

If you want to find a girlfriend you have to hang out where girls hang out.  Don’t be macho.  Don’t worry that you’re invading a woman’s hang out.  Women respect bravery and they’ll reward a guy who takes risks.  Go to the things they like to go to.  Go to the theatre, go to the opera, go to a clothing show, whatever it takes.  Allow yourself to be a little embarrassed if necessary.  After all, who cares how you feel later on if you get the girl?

Step Four: Date different women

Women are like clothes.  You have to try on a lot of them to find the perfect fit.  This means that you’re going to need to date a lot of different women before you find the one you want to spend a lot of your time with.  If you don’t date a lot of women you’ll never know what options are on the relationship menu.

Step Five: Narrow the field

After dating all these women you’ll need to narrow it down a lot.  Get it down to less than 5 women.  Create a pros and cons list.  Give it a points system.  Rate each girl if you need to.  Then make a selection of the ONE that is most suited to being your girl and go for it.



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