Knowing how to get a girl to like you isn’t all that hard.  You need to know what they want in a man and then what need you to do.  Simple, right?  Well, not quite that simple.  Every girl is unique.  She has her own taste, her own ideas of what’s right and wrong, her own sense of humor.  What you need to know are the basics.

Women really do want a nice guy.  Just not the wimpy, wussy kind.  When women say the word ‘nice’ what they really mean is ‘good’.  A good guy, that’s got a bit of an edge to him.  What I mean by edge is a guy that is masculine, assertive, and confident in himself, otherwise known as an alpha male.  If you really want to know how to get a girl to like you, start by building your alpha male character.

Next, use lingering, relaxed eye contact.  When you make eye contact with her, be relaxed and smile.  Hold her gaze, making sure you’re smiling the whole time.  Look around her face at her hair, her neck and her ears.  More than likely she’ll start smiling more and blushing a little.  Your gaze is saying far more to her than your words at this point.  This is a simple and easy method that assures

Another way to know how to get a girl to like you is to tap into her positive emotions.  Girls love to get good emotional feelings from guys.  They eat it up like candy.  The next time you’re with a girl, make sure that she has good, positive feelings that you’ve placed in her.  She’ll remember it and reward you for the effort.

Flirt with her.  In knowing how to get a girl to like you, flirting goes a long, long way.  You can tease with flirting, joke with flirting, even be overtly sexual in your flirting.  Girls love a guy who flirts because it’s a form of play.

It’s not hard to know how to get a girl to like you.  You just have to tune into who they are and be in tune with yourself at the same time.

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