It’s inevitable that breakups occur.  Tempers flair, time together gets old, conflicts get in the way, just about anything can happen to cause a relationship to end.  Regardless of what caused the breakup or who caused it you’re without her.  Oddly enough, though, now that she’s gone you want her back.  So what can you do?  Here’s five quick steps you can take to walk right back into her life if that’s really what you want.

Step One: Apologize

This should be obvious.  Everyone wants to be right and everyone wants to feel justified in their ‘righteous indignation’.  By apologizing you make her feel what she wanted to feel in the first place.  You make her feel like she represents value in your life.  Whether you were wrong or not isn’t the issue.  Your apology allows her to break out of her anger and to forgive you.  It will give her a path to emotional closure and she’ll appreciate you for it.  In most cases this one step alone will restore the relationship.

Step Two: Make Yourself Scarce

As the old saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  By not being around you cause her to feel what being without you really means.  This will cause her some sadness and may even get her to realize that she really wants you in her life.

Step Three: Date Other Women

Have you ever noticed that women don’t strongly desire a guy until some other woman desires him?  Why do you think there are throngs of women who love the same rock star or movie star?  If she sees you, or hears of you, dating another woman her natural jealousy will kick in and she’ll automatically want you back.

Step Four: Change Your Evil Ways

There’s a good possibility that you were the one that caused the breakup.  Examine your life.  If you find that you did something wrong then correct it.  Change the bad habit that caused the breakup and grow a little.  If you get her back the relationship will be better.  If not, your next relationship won’t have this problem.

Step Five: Become Her Friend

Women love companionship.  Since you’ve dated in the past it shouldn’t be hard to call her up and invite her to do something together on a friendly basis.  If you’re stuck for a date for a party ask her to help you out.  If you’re just lonely be honest and tell her you need her help so you won’t be lonely.  A movie, a party, a video game or just some time spent walking and talking.  Anything nonsexual and nonthreatening.  Spending time with her as a friend will stir her emotions up and eventually she’ll realize how attracted she is to you.

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