Most guys go through this at least once in their lives.  They meet this really amazing woman at work, or when they’re out with friends.  Just to find out that she has a boyfriend in her life.  Maybe not this exact scenario, but something similar.

She likes you as a friend.  You know what?  That’s cool.  It’s ok to be her friend and date other women.  But if you want to take the relationship further than just friendship, then read on for a few suggestions to help her leave the other guy and want to be with you.

Analyze the relationship:  Look at everything.  What does she like about him in particular?  Is he funny?  Is the relationship well established?  Does he have a good job or some wealth?  Ask yourself anything that you think might be important in their relationship.  Now, look at your relationship with her.  What do you have to offer her?   What does she have to offer you?    Be honest with yourself if your not sure the relationship with her would be worth the work.

Don’t bring him up in conversation:  When she and you are together, don’t mention anything about him.  Keep your conversation between her and you alone.  This is about establishing conversational intimacy where you both share things of interest.  It’s a starting point.

Don’t criticize him:  At some point she will bring him into the conversation, citing his opinion, talking about what he’s accomplished, etc.  When this happens listen openly.  What your doing is making yourself more desirable to her, not trashing her current SO.  Criticizing him will simply make her come to his defense, which will strengthen her bond to him.  You don’t want that to happen.

Talk about him when she talks about him:  Sometimes she will bring him up in conversation and want to talk about things he’s involved in.  Or she may want to talk about their problems with someone.  When that happens listen to her and give your true opinions about him, but only if she asks.  Use these moments to build trust.

Take a long look at yourself:  Look at what kind of boyfriend you would make for her.  If you want her to leave this guy, you need to have something that makes leaving him worth the effort.  Hone your manners, looks, anything that makes you look better.  Remember that women love a great smile and a guy that can make them laugh.  Build these skills up and continue being her friend until you see the moment when you can begin flirting and making your presence known.

Good Luck!



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