Did you know that shyness is something that you’re not born with?  Think about this for a second.  Babies aren’t shy at all.  They’re not shy when they’re hungry, need changing, or just want some affection.  So shyness is something that you learned over the course of time – not something you were born with.  This is the first lesson you need to learn on how to overcome shyness

Now that you realize that you’re not born shy, the next step is to simply make a decision.  Decide that you’re going to learn how to overcome shyness.  Decide that this is your life and you are no longer going to be a slave to something that’s a learned fear.

Making the decision to change is key on how to overcome shyness.  Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Yeah, right.  That sounds good, but I’ve been shy for years!”  If you’re thinking this way, I want you ask yourself this one question:  What’s being shy ever done for me?

Here’s some stories I’ve heard from other ‘shy-guys’ who had to learn how to overcome shyness:  “I saw other guys walk out of the club with the girl I wanted to talk with, but was always too shy to say anything to her.”  “I watched as this babe serving where I’d been getting coffee from every morning for over two weeks give her number to some guy I had never even seen before – just because he took the time to actually talk with her and make her laugh.”  “I was best man at my best friends wedding.  He married the hottest chick in my office that I really wanted to take out, but was afraid to ask because I thought she might reject me.  So I never even asked her.  Now I’m stuck with being one of her ‘husband’s buddies’.”

Any of this sound familiar?  Confidence, assertiveness, knowing what to say and when to say it, these are all skills I had to learn.  My life changed when I learned how to overcome shyness.

I’m just like you, I know what it is to be shy.  I went through years of being timid around women and learned, by trial and error, what works and what doesn’t work.  I found the secrets to conquer my own introverted behavior.  I know how to overcome shyness, and I want to teach you.  You’ll learn how to go from being the shy-guy that women ignore to being the man that women love to be near.

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