In the next few paragraphs you’re going to learn how to pick up a female bartender.  A few words to the wise:  these girls have seen it all.  You’re not going to impress them with standard pick up lines or by showing off your prowess at billiards or drinking.  It’s going to take a little more effort, but if she’s the girl you want to date or have sex with, it’s worth it.

There are a few basic facts you need to be aware of before you learn how to pick up a female bartender.  Number one is that female bartenders are hit on all the time.  If they’re beautiful, then this increases exponentially.

Number two is that they’re hit on the wrong way most of the time.  Usually they have to deal with guys who are trying to be macho and show off for their buddies, or they’ve had too much to drink.  Either type is a big turn off for female bartenders.

Number three is that they don’t have much of a social life outside of the bar.  This can little fact can actually work to your benefit once you’re able to get past her defenses.

Like all other women, the main element you need to remember in learning how to pick up a female bartender is that she likes to feel special.  However, unlike other women, you need to be a little bolder in order to get her attention and create attraction.  She’s heard all the lines and is jaded to most guys hitting on her.  Your job is to create a challenge for her.

Humor is the starting gate for this challenge.  Talk with her and get her laughing first, then get bold with your humor.  Talk with a friend out loud and say “you know, she’s been after me for weeks to give her my phone number”.  This bit of boldness will get her attention and challenge her to refute what you said or play along.  Either way you just keep going along with the story of how she’s been trying to get your number.  Play and tease with this story.  Before long you’ll have her laughing and giving you HER number so she can get yours.

Knowing how to pick up a female bartender isn’t difficult.  Just be fun, be bold, and let her know that you want to show her what fun she can have with you.

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