For a lot of guys picking up a stripper is the ultimate fantasy.  Picking up these girls is not as hard as you might think.  A good number of them lack self-assurance and are actually quite sensitive.  But, they know what they like, and if you’re not it, well, that’s what these tips are for.

You need to be completely comfortable with your skills in attracting women.  If you have the confidence make an action plan using the following tips.

Make your image exciting. Strippers are usually seen with men who live life on the edge.  They have an exciting life.  Even if you have a boring job and are about two steps away from wearing a pocket protector, you still can make yourself look the part.  Go to a club where a band is playing and watch the lead.  Check out what he is wearing, how he moves.  Dress similarly, smooth out your walking gate.  Basically, imitate him in his dress and movement; just not to the point of being ridiculous.

Choose the right time. The best time to pick a stripper up are on slow nights.  For one, she has more time to talk.  Plus, with less men there, she’ll have to perform less.  You’ll also have less competition.

Have a female friend go with you. This will really get her attention.  For one, you’ll look like your less interested in her.  For another, strippers like competition.  They get off on it.

Be different than the other patrons. Sit away from the stage area.  Don’t tip other dancers, but give good tips to the bartender (he can give you inside information).  Don’t partake in the ‘services’ that are offered.  Have conversations with other people.  She’ll be attracted to your aloofness; it will intrigue her.

Make yourself interesting. When you find a stripper that you like, treat her well.  Lead her into a conversation where you talk, not gawk.  Be charming.  This will be extremely appealing to her.

Be confident, have an action plan, then go for it.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

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