There are basically five different steps to know how to pick up a woman.  You may vary your style to match your personality, but the steps remain pretty much the same.  What changes how easily you can in pick up a woman is in how you approach her.  Are you trying to get her attention so she’ll notice you?  Are you waiting for her to give her approval of you?  If you are, then that’s where you’re going wrong.

Step one in how to pick up a woman is the approach.  Are you nervous and shy when you’re around beautiful women?  This will get you nowhere fast.  When you approach a woman remember this – she wants to meet you.  I know this may sound ludicrous, but the fact is that when women go out for the evening, they’re out to meet people; especially men.  Approach her with the confidence of knowing that she wants to meet you.

Step two of how to pick up a woman is in knowing what to say.  Some guys go up and try to impress a woman with stale pick up lines or by trying to be someone they’re not.  They’re fake and women see right through them.  When you approach a woman, be real and genuine.  The easiest thing to say is also the simplest.  Just say, “Hi, my name is ***.  I wanted to be a bit more social and was hoping we could talk.  What’s your name?”  That’s straightforward, respectful, and genuine.  Women want the real deal; someone who’s genuine will always win over the chump who’s trying to fake it.

Step three for how to pick up a woman is to get her interested.  After you’ve introduced yourselves try to find out the things she’s interested in.  Ask her questions like, “What’s the most fun you’ve had in the last month?”  When she answers, watch her face and body language.  If she smiles a lot and is animated, then go further into finding out what made it so fun, then relate a similar interest or story to complement that.  Whatever it is that she’s enjoying, find a way to relate.  This will build interest.

Step four in how to pick up a woman is to always flirt.  You’ve gotta build that sexual interest.  Flirting is a fun way to do that.  Tease her, touch her hair or ear, get close and whisper to her, kiss her neck or ears.  All of these are great flirting techniques.

Step five in how to pick up a woman is to get her phone number or address, ask her out for a date or sex.  Most of the time, if you’ve gone through the first four steps right, all you have to do is ask.  Just decide what road you want to do.

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