Picking up women in a bar is pretty easy.  It’s also the fastest way to get a girlfriend and have sex on the same night!  There are some different strategies on how to pick up women in a bar.  The one I’m about the show you is as simple, and effective, as they come.

The first thing you need to know about how to pick up women in a bar is that you need is how to first approach.  Don’t focus on one woman.  This makes her feel vulnerable and she may see you as a predator.  Go for the gold – approach a whole group of girls at the same time.  You’ll be seen as a guy that has some balls, i.e. – confidence.  This will also decrease your risk of rejection by a huge factor

Now, once you’ve made your approach to the group, make sure you speak to all of them.  Ask them something innocuous, like is it someone birthday.  Tell them that you’re out with friends for drinks, or if you’re by yourself, just wanted to relax.  Engaging the whole group will give you a feel for who likes you the best.   This is the easiest way to know who likes you and is key in knowing how to pick up women in a bar.

Flirt and joke around a little with the whole group.  This will show all the girls in the group that you’re fun to be with and you’re confident.  This will also set you up as someone who any of them will be glad to be seen with.  Being fun and relaxed at the same time will cause each of these women to want you for themselves.  A little healthy competition over you is very good!

The final step in how to pick up women in a bar is to choose which woman you want to be with.  Once you figure out which girl likes you the most, and, if you’re into her, then single her out.  Begin by talking more to her alone.  Get close to her and touch her. Then start the becoming a little more intimate.   You’ll find she’ll be ready to leave with you, and her friends will be envious.

With a little bit of practice, and a little bit of confidence, you can have sex any time you go out for a drink.  Just knowing how to pick up women in a bar is a great confidence booster.  Enjoy!

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