When you’ve become an adult and are in your thirties or even forties, the idea dating a younger woman in her twenties is extremely sexy and exciting.  It’s also very achievable.  However, it is going to take a little work.

Usually, the greater the difference is in age, the more difficulty is involved.  Most of the time, it’s not about the physical differences in age.  If you’re fit, she’s not going to have any trouble connecting with you on a physical level.  What you will have trouble with are the opinions, viewpoints, and interests that change with the level of maturity.  Because of life experiences you are both going to look at life itself differently.  This can become a bit of an obstacle course.

Imitating her style of living is certainly an option.  You’ll be viewed as a man that isn’t afraid to try new things and that you’re more contemporary than most men your age.  However, if you continue with this all the time you’ll give her, and everyone else, a false impression of who you are.  You need to temper that contemporary side with your own interests, your own style.  Try new things with her, but don’t let go of who you really are.

Think about this:  don’t younger complain about the guys that they’ve dated being immature?  That all they want to do to drink, play games, and ‘get laid’ with little to no thought of the girl they’re dating?  Sure you have.  This is why you, as a more mature and experienced man, are so sexy to younger women.  This is definite advantage that you have, and you should use it to the utmost.

You’ve got life experience that she can’t even imagine.  You’ve worked hard and have achieved a decent stature in life that is very appealing to a younger woman.  You have learned that using sound judgment and reason works far better than rash behavior and a hot head.  The woman that has been dating men that haven’t ‘grown up’ yet is usually tired of the silly games and the unstable lifestyle of the men they’ve been around.  They’re ready for a man that is more accomplished and sure of himself.

It’s a known fact that women mature faster than men.  This is a real plus for you.  A woman who’s in her mid-twenties is tired of the college party animal.  She’s ready for a genuine man.  You’re just what she’s looking for.
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