Seducing women is innate in men.  We are born with this ability.  It’s part of our genetic code.  However, a lot of guys think that they aren’t able to seduce women; that they don’t know how to seduce a woman.  When a guy gets rejected a few times, it plays havoc with his basic self-esteem.

If that’s how you think, get those thoughts out of your head.  Knowing how to seduce a woman is just a matter of getting your natural ability in sync with a little bit of knowledge about women in general.

Women like emotional connections.  They like relating to all kinds of people.  The first step in knowing how to seduce a woman is to relating to her.  This simply means that you need to make her feel strong, positive, and sensual emotions when she’s around you.

First, have confidence.  Talk in a relaxed way with a smooth voice.  This will put her at ease and make her feel comfortable around you.

The next step is to play.  Women love to laugh and they love a guy with a good sense of humor.  Challenge her playfully.  Get her to chase you by playing a little role reversal game.  Switch things around on her to make her feel like she is trying a pick up game on you.  This type of playfulness will get her laughing and increase the sexual tension between you.

Make sure that you say things that caress her emotions.  Not with false complements or by trying to impress her.  Just make statements like, “It always amazes me how many beautiful women, like you, come here for a drink.”  You’re telling her that she’s beautiful, which she’ll think is charming, without making her feel like she’s your prey.  Then ramp up sexual attraction with a little flirting and touching.  Remember that without strong sexual attraction it just won’t happen.

Knowing how to seduce a woman is something you’re born with.  Just remember to relax and have fun!



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