When you speak with authority you’ll be listened to.  It’s a fact.  If you want women to listen to you and to do what you want you simply have to learn to speak with authority.

Notice how the previous paragraph instills confidence?  That’s what authority is.  It’s the transfer of confidence.  Most people lack confidence in themselves and they’ll embrace confidence whenever they see it.  It’s almost automatic.  If you speak with confidence they’ll be drawn to you.  You will be an expert, whether you are actually an expert or not.

The indecisive nature of women cause them to be drawn to confidence like moths are drawn to the flame.  Moths will be so drawn to the light of a fire they’ll actually dive right into the fire just to get next to the light.  If you can speak with authority around women they’ll throw themselves at you just to get close to the ‘light’ of your confidence.

Here are some helpful tips on becoming an authority:

  • Become completely confident in yourself.  If you don’t believe in you then it’s a cinch that no woman is going to believe in you.
  • Nobody can know it all but it’s important to become informed about a wide variety of things.  Whenever the conversation gravitates to a subject you know nothing about simply find a way to bridge/guide the conversation to a topic you’re well versed in.  This way you can appear to be an authority in a wide range of topics.
  • Authority is the expression of confidence.  If you have confidence you’ll naturally speak with authority.  If you don’t have confidence you’ll have to develop confidence.  It’s absolutely essential to your self belief and your ability to speak with authority.
  • Finally realize that those who speak with authority openly admit when they’re wrong and move on.  If you never express that you’re wrong (especially when you’ve been proven wrong) then you simply look like a fool.  If you openly embrace the correction then you look like a flexible guy who can be reasoned with.  Women are strongly attracted to this.

Remember no guy was born as an authority.  They learned to be an authority.  Since it can be learned anyone can do it.  Quit wasting time and start mapping out your plan to speak with authority today!

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