Look around at the guys around you.  8 out of every 10 of them have problems starting conversations with women.  So, if you have that problem, trust me, you’re not alone.

Use what works, don’t reinvent the wheel.

Pick up lines don’t work.  Pick up lines are used for one purpose only.  They’re designed to get you into that woman’s pants and there isn’t a woman on the face of the planet that fails to recognize this fact.  While women have sexual desires as well a pick up line bypasses the romance that they NEED and replaces it with a disgusting degradation of the romantic encounter they’re looking for.

If you want to get women to talk to you then it’s very simple.  You need to invite them to talk.  You don’t walk up and say, “Hey would you talk to me”.  Instead you ask them for their help or for their opinion.  Be sincere when you do this because if you’re not their built in relational radar will spot it instantly.

Just like every man on the planet women love to give their opinion.  We all love to tell people what we think.  It’s the most natural thing in the world because if people are listening to us they’re respecting us.  They’re looking up to us and they’re valuing us.  In other words, by allowing a woman to give you her opinion you’re using her emotions to cause her to feel like you care, whether you do or not!

So what do you ask her opinion about?  Read a newspaper.  Better yet, when you go through the check out lines at the grocery store, read the headlines on those crappy magazines that women buy.  Then ask them what they think about the latest headline on magazine so and so.

Whatever is currently a fad, in the news, or the latest opening should give you enough to chat about.  Once she finds out that you’re really interested in her views she’ll probably talk for a long time and by the time she asks you for your opinion you’ll probably already have her phone number.



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