Being able to handle guys who interfere with you while attracting a particular woman is really pretty easy, but important.  You establish that you’re able to handle an annoying situation by using humor with a touch of sarcasm.  Not enough to do damage to the intruder, but enough to be funny.  And enough to create the effect of higher status.  Just keep it friendly.

Here’s a few one-liners that can be used in multiple situations.  Use with caution.  Too many of these and YOU become the offender in the relationship your trying to establish.  But if another guy gets too aggressive, by all means, pop one in conversation.  Remember to keep things light and funny.

• Give him an immediate nickname like ‘Sport’, ‘Bud’, or the ever popular ‘Dude’.

• “Love the shirt man. I had one just like it a few years back.”

• Introduce yourself as the girls date.

• To the girl: “Do guys like this always try to pick you up?”

• “Hey man, you look like you feel sick.  You need a ride home?”  Then offer to call him a cab.

• “That’s a pretty smooth move.  Got any others?”

• “You’re a funny guy.  Do you go on like this all night?”

• If he interrupts, say “Excuse me, but I’ll let you know when I’m finished.”

• “I heard that’s what’s stylin’ at the city lock-up.”

• “When he does something dumb say, “Gee, I hope that wasn’t meant to impress anyone?’

• To someone trying to look preppy – “Hey, the lemmings are lining up at the right.”

Capitalizing on your opponents weakness and bringing them to the forefront is the only right thing to do.  After all, you don’t want to see the girl your with get stuck with him.

Just keep your cool.



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