I recently listened to an audio file of several different women and what they liked and didn’t like in men.  It was quite interesting.  Some of what they said was very surprising.  I’m going to give you the quick breakdown here of what I heard about how to talk to women on the street.  I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

What women like.

Women like men who are confident.  There’s not a lot of guessing with confident.  Women don’t have to wonder where they stand with a confident man, he’ll let them know because he knows how to talk to women on the street.

Women are attracted to personality.  A guy who knows how to talk to women on the street is interesting and funny and a lot more pleasant to be around.  They also want a guy to be genuine.

A woman likes honest conversation.  A guy that is up front and natural is simply easier to talk with.  If you say “hello, how are you tonight” that’s perfectly ok with them. The main thing is that you must know how to talk to women on the street.

Girls mainly like to meet guys through their friends, but also like being approached in bars.  They say that you should always try approaching them.  They’re a lot more receptive than what you’d think.  Especially if you ask to buy them a drink.  They also say men don’t approach them enough.  That’s because they’re afraid.  They lack the knowledge of how to talk to women on the street.

Curiously enough, a woman will be direct if she’s in the mood for a one night stand.  It’s all about having fun for her.  If she’s flirting heavily, or asking where you’re going to stay tonight, that’s a very good sign that not only is she in the mood to have sex with you, but you’ve learned how to talk to women on the street.

What women don’t like.

A woman doesn’t like a guy to do everything that she tells him.  If a guy jumps at her beck and call, it let’s her know that he’s been broken.   If you’re a pushover, stop.  You don’t know how to talk to women on the street!  You don’t have to be a brute, but giving in to them all the time is boring for them.  It’s like you want them to like you so much that you’ll do anything to get their attention.  That’s difficult for a woman because it’s boring and it makes them feel like their responsible for everything about you.  They don’t want that responsibility.

Women don’t like it if a guy is too direct about wanting sex or if he wants to kiss her after five minutes of meeting her.  This is a bit of a fine line, because above I told you that they’ll be direct about when they want sex.  This is where it becomes essential that you know how to talk to women on the street.

Bottom line is that when you talk with the woman on the street, they’re pretty easy to get along with.  Just act with some confidence, be honest and genuine, act natural, and approach them with friendliness.  If you know how to talk to women on the street you’ll be talking, and dating more in no time!

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