Teasing works.  If you don’t think so, watch a few romance movies and look for the guy to tease the girl in the movie.  You’ll see it in almost every movie.  The question isn’t whether teasing works but how to tease a woman the right way so you become more attractive to her.

So why does teasing work?  It works because it represents danger.  You become a threat when you tease someone.  You’re challenging them in one way or another.  You may cause damage to their reputation or their self image.  If you’re capable of doing that you’re displaying the alpha male, dominate leader characteristics.  This is like pheromones to women.

Teasing comes with it’s own challenges, though.  It requires a fine balance of harassment and friendliness.  If you go too far into the friendliness you’re seen as weak.  If you lean too far into harassment you’re seen as a jerk.  Nobody likes a jerk.

You have to be friendly though because ridiculing people is a negative thing to do and you’ll be seen as a jerk.  Teasing someone on the other hand is seen as a positive thing to do and you’ll be seen as an interesting and fun person to be around.

Above all else avoid being boring.  Nice guys are boring.  Boring is boring no matter what it’s source.  Boring is hum-drum and lacks excitement.  Spice things up by adding humor to your conversation.  Humor is the antidote to boring behavior and boring conversation.  Women hate boring and they love excitement.  Become exiting and you’ll attract more women.

So here are some practical tips to teasing a woman.

1. Dare her to accomplish something.  The doubt you display will irritate her but the challenge you offer will be interesting.

2. Challenge her on some of the things she says.  Again, you’re doubting her opinion but offering her the challenge of proving her point to you.  This is great because it causes her to jump into the conversation and build a relationship with you.

3. Deliberately twist some of her words and/or meanings.  Be sure to do this with a smile and/or a wink.  Sometimes an exaggerated tone of voice works as well.  Anything to signal to her and those around her that you’re deliberately teasing.  It sets the stage for watching two people ‘fight’.  Everyone loves a good fight especially when it’s a friendly one.

4. Remain a challenge to her.  Your goal is two fold.  By being a challenge she has to beat or overcome you remain interesting to her.  You also remain a mystery to her and the ladies love mysterious men.  It’s like climbing a mountain.  As long as you haven’t accomplished it you feel drawn to overcome it.  Once you’ve reached the peak the mystery is over and you move on to the next thing.



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