There are many ways to communicate with women.  By far the easiest, most enjoyable way to tell a woman that you like her is by flirting with her.

Flirting is what I like to call the preapproach.  Once you’ve spotted a woman that you want to be with and you’ve decided to approach her the fear of rejection will rear it’s ugly head.  It’s fear because nobody likes to be rejected.  Flirting allows you to make the approach without making the commitment.  It’s how to tell a woman that you like her without losing face, or being embarrassed.

Have you ever noticed guys that approach women only to be shot down?  Think about it.  A straight forward blunt approach is not how to tell a woman that you like her.  Women like to be coaxed, teased and enticed into being interested in a guy.  By flirting you go under cover.  You allow her to know that you’re interested and if she doesn’t flirt back with you then you know it’s a no-go situation.  No harm, no foul.

So why is flirting so absolutely necessary?  Women need to know that you know how to tell a woman that you like her.  If you can’t even let her know she’s not going to be interested at all.  Women love words and they love wordplay.  They love it so much that you can change  the word foreplay into wordplay.  For her it’s all about relationship.  Words convey that.  If you can flirt with her in a teasing way you let her know that you want a relationship, whether you really want one or not.

It’s a fine balancing act; a skill that every guy who wants to succeed with women must develop.  Without it you stand no hope of getting the women you want.  By tickling her mind with flirting you appear to be dangerous in a safe way.  Make your flirting to aggressive and you’ll come across as a creep.  That’s NOT how to tell a woman that you like her.  Try joking without a little naughtiness and you’ll come across as a boring twit.

Women like a bad boy.  Someone who’s dangerous is also a little mysterious.  He’ll be enticing and interesting.  Remember, while she’s into relationship she’s also into experiences.  Allow her to live a little dangerously through you and she’ll go along for the ride.  Flirting with her gives her the thrill of danger without feeling actually bad.  If you know how to tell a woman that you like her by flirting with her you can have all the women you want.

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