You and you’re friends have gone out for the evening and you end up at a club where there’s beautiful women everywhere.  Although you’ve been a ‘shy guy’, you’ve been practicing some of the tips and hints you’ve been learning here. Your confidence levels are good and you’re ready to go.  So, do you know how to tell if a woman likes you?  Do you know what signs and signals to look for?

Women are always broadcasting their emotions.  With the emotion of natural attraction, knowing how to tell if a woman likes you is one of the simplest and more enjoyable lessons to learn.  This skill will help you understand what to look for in her face, in her body language, and how she acts.   It will also help you realize when to walk away so that you can avoid rejection.  This simple skill will help you attain the sex, love and relationships that you want with your choice of women.

First contact will almost always give you the primary indicator in knowing how to tell if a woman likes you.  When you look at each other, does she hold your gaze?  Does she smile?  Does she try to get you to look at her?  These are all great indicators that she is sexually attracted to you.  If she looks away or tries to avoid your eye contact, just walk away.

After you’ve made eye contact and ascertained that she’s interested in you, go over and begin talking.  At this point, her body language is the next way to know how to tell if a woman likes you.  Is she trying to sit close to you?  Is her upper body turned toward you?  Is she leaning over to give you a better view of her breasts?  Does she frequently touch you?  All of these are good signals that tell you that she is turned on being next to you.

The interest she has in the conversation is another gauge on how to tell if a woman likes you.  Is she talking with you in a relaxed, easy manner?  Does she joke with you and laugh easily?  Do you find that she’s riveted in the conversation that she’s having with you?  This indicator shows that she finds you to be interesting and exciting.

The final way to test how to tell if a woman likes you is by how she reacts to you when you show you’re interested in her.  When you flirt with her, does she flirt back?  When you touch her arm or leg, does she touch back, try to get closer, or does she scoot away.  Do you notice a slight licking of her lips from time to time?  If your answer is yes to these questions, she’s yours and is ready to go.  Time for some fun!

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