, eHarmony,  These dating sites are full of men and women who are looking for someone they can feel comfortable dating and, possibly, start a relationship with.  There’s only one problem – most of them have more men than women using the service.  By far.

Therefore, you need to have a leg up if you want to make progress in attracting the attention of a woman using this service.  There are three different tactics in which you can increase your chances of attracting women in this arena.  And they all use your competition to help you succeed.

Tactic 1:  Profiles of other men.

By looking at what other men are doing in their profiles, you can see what works and what doesn’t.  Make sure that you make note of what you want to incorporate into your profile.  Check on what kind of pictures they use.  Is their profile dull and boring, or does it use humor and stories?  What kind of things do they say about themselves?  Do they clearly state what they’re looking for in a woman?  Ask yourself these questions, and more that you think of, when viewing men’s profile.

Tactic 2:  People you know.

Online dating is coming of age.  It’s not a ‘losers’ way of finding a date anymore.  Ask your friends and associates if they’ve ever used an online dating service, then ask them for advice.  Since people love to give advice, they’ll talk your ears off about their experiences.  Ask specific questions about what worked for them, how they got their first date, and what pitfalls and mistakes from which to steer clear.

Tactic 3:  Online dating forums.

Read the topics and look for questions that you’ve had.  Read the comments that others have made about those questions.  When you’re ready, get involved and ask questions yourself.  Forums are great places because the people there usually want to be helpful.

Don’t’ be put off by the ratio of men to women in an online dating service.  Just be smart, do your homework, then use what you’ve learned about making a great profile and put yourself out there.  It won’t be long before you see some interest.

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