An innuendo is nothing more than to hint at something.  It’s when we brush up against something that’s one thing and we’re really saying another thing.  If a guy suggests that he’s ‘stroking’ his car’s gear shift while racing to it’s maximum potential he’s actually making a sexual reference.  To follow up with asking a woman if she’d like to go for a ride is an unmistakable sexual invitation.

It’s not a safe way to approach a woman but then sexual innuendo is always flirting with danger.  The brave and the bold are the winners in this world and if you want to win you’re going to have to become like them.  The boring nice guys don’t get phone numbers and follow up dates.  They’re not interesting or challenging enough.

Women love a bad boy.  Why?  Because he represents a challenge and a mystery.  Why is he bad?  What is his story?  How can I help him?  How will he help me?  Women don’t think these things about a nice guy that hasn’t stepped up to the plate to show confidence, character, and daring.

Women love the alpha male characteristics.  They naturally crave that self confident boldness that is displayed in leaders.  Leaders are always exciting, even when they’re making mistakes.  Don’t think so?  Look at the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.  Even when he was a bad boy women were fascinated with him.

Being boring produces boring results.  Nothing is a buzz kill like someone who is bland.  Think about it for a second.  Do you like boring shows or excitement?  Women are no different.  They despise boring.  Oh they’ll be polite and friendly but they won’t be interested at all.

Your goal is to cause sexual attraction when talking with a woman not to become her friend.  By using innuendos you can cause her sexual engine to begin to stir.  This can be easily done by telling her a story about ‘one of your friends’ or a story that you heard about someone.  It should be sexual and ‘naughty’.  This will gain her attention and cause her to start thinking in ways that are usually beneficial to you later on.

Once you’ve finished telling her the story, toss the ball into her court.  Tell her that you shared a story and now it’s her turn to share one.  If she hesitates or resists start teasing her gently.  Coax her into it.  If nothing else works you can always pull in her friends and teasingly let them know she isn’t doing her fair share and ask them if they know any stories they can share.  Women love to talk about sex.

You have to be careful, though, not to go too far because it makes you to look like a pervert who only wants to have sex.  It’s a balance that you have to delicately bring about because not going far enough is failing to light the fire.



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