Let’s face it girls don’t go for safe guys.  They like a little bad in their boy or they don’t find him interesting.  It’s like watching a movie where the hero is perfectly good.  It becomes boring after a very short period of time.  We like our hero’s a bit tainted.  A little bad in the hero makes him more real.  In the same way women like a bad boy to be lurking inside or they lose interest very quickly.

If you want to leap ahead of the competition you’ll need to lean how to be a ‘good’ bad boy right up front with a woman.  Rather than trying to avoid offending her you’ll want to just straight into a sexual discussion within the first few minutes of the discussion.  I don’t mean talk to her like you would talk with one of your frat brothers about sex.  That will blow up in your face.

Instead you’ll want to approach sex from a sideways direction.  Make sexual innuendos or share humorous sexual stories about ‘one of your friends’.  The story doesn’t have to be true.  It doesn’t have to be your friend.  But it does have to be humorous and interesting.  If it fails in either of these departments it will blow up in your face.

Why run the risk of trying something that has the potential of blowing up in your face?  It’s the fastest way to create attraction within her.  You’ll establish a bridge of sexual tension and excitement that will draw her in so quickly she’ll lose her breath from the excitement of the ride.  Remember, women think about sex as much as men do.  How can that be true?  Think about it.  If they didn’t how on earth would men and women have been hooking up for sex throughout history?  It’s common sense.

Sexual innuendo will allow you to be ‘naughty’ without being crude.  Again, a little taint in the hero goes a long way.  It allows her to be ‘naughty’ without any negative repercussions.  Women love verbal foreplay and will engage in it almost instantaneously.  Giver her a safe playground and she’ll enjoy becoming your playmate.

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