Meeting women is easier when you have a buddy to go with you.  Why?  Because he can become your Wing Man.  He can help introduce your and your qualities where you can’t.  If you go spouting out your qualities and abilities, your going to come out sounding like a braggart instead of confident.  Your wing man can help out in this area.

First, talk with your buddy about the types of things that you want him to say to the woman that your are wonting to be with.  Basically coach him.  Since this is word of mouth advertising he needs to be genuine.  If he’s genuine, then he’s believable.  Make sure that what he says is the truth; you don’t want some exaggerated tale to come back and bite you later on.

When you’re in a situation where the woman you want to be with is accessible, that’s when you want him to go and join into a conversation with her and her friends.  As they’re talking, your wing man will bring you up in conversation, make a way to talk about your positive qualities or your accomplishments.  This part need to come into the conversation naturally.  Practice with your wing man different scenarios to use.

When he has made his comment about you, he needs to give you a high sign or some other way of introducing you to the group.  By this time the group, and your girl, will already be familiar with who you are and that you’re a great guy.  That’s what the wing man accomplishes for you.

This will work for both you and your wing man.  If your both single and looking, go for a tag-team approach.  Practice what you’re going to say for each other and how each of you is a great guy.  This would be really fun at a party where there are a lot of women that you don’t know.

Hey, it’s about having fun, right?



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