If you’ve ever tried approaching an attractive woman, then you know that most of your success with her depends on your self-confidence.
Women love guys will confidence and this is a well-known fact, however how easy is it to find this confident core that’s hiding inside you in slumber.
So what tips should you follow if you lack self-confidence around women? and want to feel more empowered when talking to very attractive women.


Well here are a few tips you can use to raise your self-esteem around these high caliber women:

1) Learn to relax and be more laid back
Just before approaching an attractive woman, ease yourself into a relaxed state by paying attention to your posture and body language. Then visualize the conversation as it’s about to happen going smooth and well. Imagine yourself making her laugh and you walking away with either her phone number or HER … be as visual as you can as this will help you.

If you can remove all expectations or outcomes from the interaction with a woman then you’ll become more relaxed around women. So remind yourself that any negative outcome won’t affect your life and visualize what the worst case scenario would be … her not responding? Her walking away? Realise that you can deal with this and then approach.

12212) Start meditation and exercising
There are certain activities (meditation, yoga, and tai-chi) which will make you more relaxed. By practicing these exercises (at home), you’ll be able to put yourself into a positive state whenever you need it, including the times when you’re trying to pick up women in the shopping mall, the street or your local café.
Of course I don’t mean when you see a hottie at the mall to whip out that yoga mat and start saluting the sun …of course not. However you will discover the benefits of how yoga can boost your confidence around women and in life generally.



So if you’re serious about building self confidence, then start using some of these confidence boosting tips.

3) Use your strengths
One quick way to build self-confidence is to write down all of the attractive qualities that make you a great person. Then whenever you’re faced with a situation where you’re not feeling confident, just recite the affirmations about your positive qualities.

I recall I use to do this every time I woke up in the morning. This helped me beyond doubt and boosted my overall confidence for that day. It has been said that we negativlky criticize ourselves roughly 10,000 times PER DAY… and only pump ourselves up positively around less than 1,000.

By mentally reviewing your strengths, you’ll be able to quickly ramp up your levels of confidence around women.

4) Be positive most of the time
It’s widely known that guys who smile and have a positive outlook tend to attract more women in their life.

So no matter what you’re feeling inside, ALWAYS try to have a positive outlook and do your best to be a guy who women enjoy being around. What’s funny is even when you *fake* a confident personality, you’ll eventually develop this personality trait!

I hope these confidence-boosting tips have come in handy for you and lets hope (for you sake) you’re prepared the next time you see that hottie at the supermarket!

Talk soon,

Alex Coulson

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