Here is my quick and short guide to getting the stunning HOT women…

It’s quite simple … Hot women love confidence. If you want to attract and connect with an attractive, intelligent and cultured woman then you need a big whammy of confidence. Think about it this way, if you’re an attractive girl and guys approach you left, right center etc buying you drinks, gifts, dinners and more, you would be a little more picky than an average girl (who might only get one guy approaching her a month)…. right?

You would weed out the weak, play games and tests etc to find a guy that has unstoppable confidence with her and is not willing to bow down to her feet and demands and become her next door mat right??

So confidence is key here if you want to attract the 9-10 stunner and extremely hot women. Be willing also to put up with competition (in comes with the package of a hot girl). You might be having dinner and some ex boy friend calls her up during the meal to offer her out to the newest bar in town … whooa hold on there partner what do you do? Well let me tell you what you DON’T do .. don’t get defensive and say she’s grounded and forbidden to use the phone ever again… No the more un reactive you are the more attractive you’ll appear to this stunner.

Women hate reactive seeking and jealous men. Don’t join the group guys.

Practice is key also here if you want to attract hot women. The more women you approach the more successful and consistent you will get at approaching, attracting and taking it further with attractive hot girls.

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