Guys, I want to tell you a little story I recently heard.  There was this fellow who had finished his education and went right into the job of his dreams.  He was doing well in his profession, had the apartment he always wanted, and was driving a great car.  Life was great, sort of.  He was having everything in life but the girl.

Most of his friends were either married or had someone they were coupled with.  Whenever he went out with them they were talking about their relationships or their significant other was with them.  He really felt like the odd man out.

He began to wonder if there was something wrong with him.  Oh, he had the occasional date and would ‘get lucky’ sometimes.  But he knew there was something missing when it came to women.  He even began to doubt his masculinity for a short time.

However, he stopped himself from letting his lack of confidence slide downhill any further by taking stock of himself to see what was going wrong.  He ran across my site and began reading.  He began to realize that what he had been doing with women was all wrong.  Using stale pick up lines or trying to impress her with money or by acting like someone he wasn’t was wasting his time.

He began to see that what really turns women on was a man that had confidence in himself, who was genuine and real.  With a little work on his approach and learning a few flirting techniques, his dating life was beginning to increase significantly.  And he was having more fun than ever.

At one time he was known for having everything in life but the girl.  Now he’s known as a guy who has everything in life and any girl he chooses.

So can you!

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