Women are funny creatures.  They love to talk, but when you start talking with them, they’ll give you take the lead.  A lot of guys totally freeze up at this point.  They put all of their effort into going up to the girl and starting the conversation – then they fall flat on their face.  The way to keep a conversation going with a woman requires you to be to be one thing; yourself.

Since women want you to take the lead, then lead!  A woman is attracted to your personality.  By leading the conversation they’re able to find out who you are and what you’re all about.  If you want to keep a conversation going simply incorporate a few simple elements.

Be real with her.  Anyone can spot a phony personality.  Keep a conversation going by being who you are.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to impress her.

Have fun.  First time conversations are about getting to know someone.  So, if you’re having fun and talking with her, she’ll be zoned into what you’re saying and doing because she’s having fun, too. So if you want to keep a conversation going just relax and have fun.

Voice your own opinions.  A lot of times a woman will ask you a question that will make you feel uncomfortable on purpose.  Sometimes they do this for the hell of it, just to see you squirm.  Sometimes it’s to find out who you really are.  Whichever is the case, the way to keep a conversation going with an uncomfortable question is to give your own opinion on the subject.  If she asked the question to screw around with you, you’ll be letting her know that you aren’t intimidated.  If she asked it to find out more about who you are, nothing will give her that information more than what comes from your own mouth.  Once you answer, then have fun with it.  Ask her the same question!  Listen to what her opinions are.  Then play with this a little.  You’ll find that getting out of your comfort zone can become an erotic game.

This leads into a crucial element – flirting.  Never be afraid to flirt.  Flirting is one of the best ways to keep a conversation going that there is.  Women LOVE to flirt!  They love the game, the chase.  Flirting arouses their sexuality.  It heightens their senses.  When you flirt with a woman you let her know that you think she’s desirable and causes a chain reaction to go off in her system.  She begins to look at your eyes, your lips, where you are holding your hands; she visually drinks you in.

Remember to take the lead, be real, have fun, express your own opinions, and flirt a little.  Keep a conversation going by integrating these five elements.  You’ll find that they’re easy and highly effective in any conversation with women.

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