Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a woman and suddenly the conversation fizzles out?  There you are desperately trying to figure out how to keep a conversation going and your mind blanks?  That’s a common problem that 4 out of every 5 guys run into.  Let’s take a look at what is going on here and how to correct the situation.

First, let’s establish a base of understanding.  You’ve approached or been introduced to a woman and the conversation starts off great.  What that tells me is that you possess the skill necessary to keep a conversation going.  Second the conversation fizzles or dies completely and you’re left standing there fiddling with interview questions.  Not good but the fact that you recognize that means you possess the skills to correct it.

So, why does this happen?  There are two basic reasons that you can’t seem to keep a conversation going:

  1. You don’t understand what she wants and you’re trying to please yourself
  2. You’ve misclassified her and your goal isn’t clear

Women want to keep a conversation going.  They love to talk, but meaningless, boring talk isn’t getting it.  Women want to feel emotions and not just feel emotions but feel powerful emotions.  The man that can make them feel those powerful emotions is the one SHE’S going to keep a conversation going with.  This desire is so strong that instead of being called females they should have been called feelmales.  They want to feel power emotions from males.

How do you view that woman you’re talking with?  What’s your goal in talking with her?  Did you lose interest in her or did you just jump into the fray swinging wildly with no plan?

I see more guys with this problem than any other.  They’re great at getting the conversation started but once they’ve achieved this they fizzle out because they either lack the boldness to move forward or they don’t’ know where they want to go.  They just don’t know how to keep a conversation going.  If you talk to her like a friend you lose nothing because you seek nothing.  If you talk to her like she’s going to tear your clothes off later in a passionate frenzy, well, that’s a whole other thing.

If you find that your conversation is losing speed ask yourself if you want this woman.  If not, then it will be easy to keep the conversation going because there’s no risk.  Just talk however you want to talk.  This means reclassifying her as “just a friend” or “just an acquaintance”.

If you determine that she’s someone you want to date or develop a relationship with  then you’re going to have to understand what she wants in order to keep a conversation going.  Women want to feel powerful passionate emotion.  They want to feel attraction toward men.  If you can make her feel desirable emotions, good emotions, make her feel enjoyable, excited, energized, and playful then she WILL be attracted to you.

The bottom line here is if you want to keep a conversation going you’re going to have to know it’s all about her, not about you.  If you become the man she needs she’ll desire you and you can guide the relationship between you in any direction you want to go.

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