In conversations with women that successfully get you a phone number, a kiss, or more, three elements are required.  These elements are to laugh, listen, lead.  Learning how to use these elements will revolutionize your whole approach with women.

When you have the self-assurance to laugh, smile and be positive when you talk with a woman, you make her feel special and sexy. Your ability to make a woman laugh and enjoy herself during a conversation also helps her to form a very positive outlook about you.

A lot of women say, “I like a guy that can make me laugh”.  That’s because women are attracted to men that make them feel happy.  If you can make a woman feel good when you’re talking with her, she’ll think that a relationship with you will be exciting and fun.  She’s more sexually open to you when you flirt, which you should always do when she’s laughing and in a good mood. The first element of laugh, listen, lead.

Listening is simply being present and attentive during the conversation. It’s being in tune to what the woman is saying, and not saying.  Women want to sense that you understand them.  If you don’t listen to her you won’t be able to pick up the cues she’s giving you about her inner self.  What will result is that you’ll be having a conversation that only touches the surface.  She won’t connect with you on this level.

When you’re in tune with what a woman is saying, you’ll find that you can go to a deeper, more meaningful level of conversation with her.  She’ll find that she wants to have a closer, more intimate relationship with you.  You’ve taken the time to develop a connection that she trusts and wants to have more of.  The second element of laugh, listen, lead.

Ok, you’ve been listening and you’ve been able to make her laugh.  The next step of laugh, listen, lead is to guide the conversation.  When you show a woman that you’re confident in yourself enough to lead the conversation she’ll find this to e extremely attractive.  Leading is not taking control of the conversation; it’s exploring different avenues of thought about something she’s brought up.  Leading is asking interesting questions and bringing up topics that relate.  Leading is also guiding the conversation to an intimate level with her.

Using the three elements, laugh, listen, lead in your conversations will tell a woman that you are a confident, dynamic, and attentive man who can please her both mentally and physically.   You’ll be able to quickly know her level of attraction to you through her spontaneity, smile, and openness to your suggestions of going further sexually.

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