Do you have female friends? I’m not talking about f-buddies.

Or female “pivots”. Or even wing women.
I’m talking about girls you hang out with. Girls you can invite over to watch a DVD. Girl you can meet up for coffee and be totally honest with. Girls who know you’re into “the game” and thinks you’re a dork (or cute) because of it. I’m talking about REAL female friends. Not someone you’re trying to sleep with.

She might be your roommate/house-mate, co-worker, classmate or family friend. Now here’s why this is important: The female perspective is such an overlooked, yet powerful thing.

Having a female friend is like having a “spy” in the enemy camp and she is relaying all of their secrets back to you.

She can tell you things about the women you’re chasing that no other guy-friend or “pickup guru” can tell you.

Like will the text message you’re about to send a woman you really like “generate attraction” or just piss her off?

331Or will the “ peacocking ” outfit you’ve chosen to wear at the party of the year make you stand out and look cool – or make you look like you shop at the toilet store?
Or more importantly, is that hot blonde sitting alone ready to be approached? Oris she seething with anger because her boyfriend is two hours late?
Only a woman’s intuition can tell you. And you, my ball-wearing friend,is something that you don’t have.
So make friends (not f-buddies) with some great women and find out.
Your friend,

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