Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone learns from their mistakes.  Most guys don’t even recognize their mistakes so when they fail they walk away with a miserable attitude, convinced that there must be some secret to dating.  They’re right there are secrets to dating and to attracting a woman’s interest.  There are also secrets about what to avoid.  It’s not just about what you should do but also about what you shouldn’t do.

It never ceases to amaze me that guys can memorize thousands of statistics for their favorite sport and don’t seem to be able to remember even a few simple things about women and dating.  It seems that many guys would rather make a touch down than score! 😉

Here are 4 real quick ways to totally fail and what you can do to avoid that result.

  • Pay Attention – Women broadcast their interest or their lack of interest through their body language without saying a word.  Be sure to check her body language constantly.  Then adjust your body language, speech, and techniques accordingly.  If you’re boring her to death change direction.  Find something interesting to pique her interest.  No situation is so bad that it can’t be turned around.
  • Don’t Buy Her – If she can be bought she probably isn’t worth having.  Buying her drink after drink only makes her drunk.  She’ll be open to all kinds of pickup techniques from other guys and by the time you and she leave the bar (assuming she’s still with you ) she’ll be too drunk to be fun.
  • Avoid Arrogance – Overconfidence can be carried too far and you’ll suddenly find that instead of acting in a confident manner you’re just being arrogant.  This will drive women away from you in droves.  Being confident means not being threatened by her talking a good deal of the time.  Don’t be in love with the sound of your own voice.  If you try to dominate you’re trying to force attraction.  This will never work.

Don’t be a clown – Humor is good but it has to be a specific type of humor to attract a woman.  If you act like a clown just to get her to laugh she’ll be laughing at you instead of laughing at the humor you’ve presented.  She’ll see you as a joke and will definitely be looking for her first opportunity to make her exit.

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