218How’s it going today? Have you attempted any approaches?

I’m in a good mood today.

I’ve just returned from the bookstore and met this gorgeuos brunette and I thought heck why don’t I write an article about this and how I met here? Surely there are guys out there that go to book stores and see a drop dead beautiful girl and don’t approach her but would like to.

Here’s my FAVORITE conversation starters for meeting gorgeous women during the day …

Are you ready?
Here we go …


The Supermarket / Grocery Store
YOU: “Hey, can I ask you something? I’m making dinner for a group of friends tonight – all women – and I can’t decide between pasta or fish. What do women prefer?”
HER: “Pasta, women love pasta.”

YOU: “Ok great, now I just need a cook. What time are you free?”
HER: “Hahaha. Sorry, I can’t cook”
YOU: “Can’t cook? Really? Oh, my mother warned me about women who can’t cook,I probably shouldn’t be talking to you”
HER: “Hahaha. Why not?”



The Coffee Shop


YOU: “Excuse me, which coffee is better, a cappuccino or a latte?”
HER: “Cappuccino”
YOU: “Great. Then I’ll get a latte.”
HER: “What? Haha”

YOU: “Well, you know what they say about women who drink Cappuccino, don’t you?”
HER: “No, what?”
YOU: “I’ll tell you later. My name is Alex”

Right now, you’re probably wondering, “well, that’s great but how do I continue the conversation?”

2222Well, there are several routes you can take.

You could introduce yourself, ask what she’s doing now, and then go into normal conversation (if she’s not busy, why not suggest a walk in the park?)

Or you could follow up with an opinion opener.
“Hey, that reminds me, I need to get your opinion, who lies more, men or women?”

Or you could just relax, let your playful side come out and say whatever pops into your head. I’m serious. Relax and the words will come to you.

Personally, the more relaxed I am around women, the easier it is for me to talk to them.

And it’s not because I’m funnier, more charismatic, or even better looking than you are.

Simply, the more relaxed you are, the more ACTIVE your brain becomes, and the easier it is to talk to women.

Why do you think so many people get “great ideas” while sitting on the toilet or lying in bed? It’s because in those situations, most people are really relaxed.

So take a moment to memorize the conversation starters above, and remember, next time you’re talking to a gorgeous women – RELAX -and the words will come.

Your Friend,


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