Here’s another story to demonstrate that dating women is more about attitude and confidence than about good looks or money.

There’s this guy who began to read my information on dating and women.  He opened up and let me know that he had never been with a woman.  After we began to talk, I realized that his problems weren’t his looks or his status.  He was, quite simply, painfully shy.

He was so shy that when he got around women he became immobilized with fear and insecurity.  Even the thought of approaching a woman for a date set him into cold sweats.

However, he began to see through what he saw and read here, that he was looking at approaching women from the wrong perspective.  He thought that women had all the control when it came to dating; he didn’t realize that women actually wanted to be with him.

He began to work on some areas of personal development.  He realized that his negative mindset was what was keeping him from having a relationship with a woman.  He’s practicing confidence boosting skills.  He even went for counseling to help him increase his social skills.  This guy was truly serious!

Because of the information he read here, he began to make changes in his life that have significantly impacted his personal life and his social life.  He now approaches women in small groups where he knows that he is least likely to be rejected.  He is regularly practicing approaching women so he can overcome that crippling shyness that had him tied in knots.  He has told me that he has gotten a few phone numbers and been on a date.  He’s well on his way.

If you, too, have never been with a woman, don’t give up.  You can change your life and start dating, just like my friend you’ve just read about.  Just decide you can!

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