Red Alert! Be aware of this disastrous ailment. But don’t worry; I have a remedy for you…

This is one kind of a disease that has perilously haunted men for centuries – nice guy syndrome! It is such an ailment that has affected minds of men through books, television and through their own loved ones as well. So, what are the exact symptoms of this dreadful disease? Well, you are too much sensitive towards your beloved, always allow her to dominate and are more than enthusiastic to fulfill her every wish. If you see yourself doing all the above things then I must admit it rather regretfully that you suffer from “Nice Guy Syndrome”.

If you lovingly drown your women in the sea of pricey gifts and have already become hen-pecked in the first few weeks of your relationship then you are on the terminal stage of this ailment.

It is frightening, isn’t it? Of course, it is! But there is a cure to the nice guy syndrome. Don’t let your girl leave you because she finds you too unexciting and conventional. Don’t wait for the day when she ditches you for a stronger and self-assured guy.

Now, the first thing you need to do is to accept that you suffer from “Nice Guy Syndrome”. Secondly, go through the tips given below that will help you get rid of this terrible disease.

1) Don’t spend too much: A woman is attracted to your qualities. Buying her posh gifts and taking her to classy restaurants does not guarantee her liking for you. So, concentrate on your inner qualities rather than wasting your cash.

2) Don’t be a hen-pecked boyfriend: Learn to say no, to her unreasonable demands. Even if you think that they are acceptable try to resist them at first. Women love men who are a bit dominating. If you are gullible then she will soon lose interest in you. So, put your needs first and don’t be so mushy

3) Loosen up a bit when among women:  Dating is a tough task, if you allow it to be tough. Be self-assured when you first approach a woman for getting her attracted towards you and while you exchange numbers.

4) Don’t be a waiter: Sounds ridiculous? But this is what your woman will perceive you to be if you are always available at her service. Treating your lady like a queen is a fair thing. But that does not mean that you should behave like her butler. As a man, you must have the courage to refuse when needed.  It is essential to play “hard to get” for making a woman feel strong attraction towards you. Women find such men hard to resist and experience a strong magnetic pull towards them.

5) Be unconventional:  Traditional dating rules or ideas are way behind the time. Men suffering from the nice guy syndrome are usually playing safe. When you play safe, you walk on a straight path having no ups and downs. This leaves no room for excitement and a love story with no excitement is a stale chicken curry. Women want excitement in their love lives and hence, bad boys usually get girls they want!

So, get cured of the nice guy syndrome by ardently following the above tips of having a successful love relationship!

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