If you go out on the street and poll women about who they want to date, most of them will state that one of the traits they’re looking for is that he’s a ‘nice guy’.  But most nice guys can’t get a date – the women they approach look at them as ‘a friend’ or just not exciting enough.  There’s a difference between being ‘nice’ and being so nice that you become a ‘friend’ to a woman.  That’s where most guys get it wrong.

It’s more than cool to treat a woman well.  Women love to be treated with special attention, listened to, and appreciated.  But when ‘nice guys’ go so far as to let a woman make demands of him, talks with her like he’s one of ‘the girls’, or has her lead in every situation, that’s just asking for disaster.

All of you nice guys out there – wise up!  If you want to date her then act like it.  She doesn’t need another girlfriend.  She doesn’t need someone she can wipe her feet on.  She doesn’t need to make all the decisions in the relationship.

She does need to be with a man who is confident in himself in any social arena.  She does need to have a man that’s not ashamed of his masculinity.  She does need a man that will treat her with charm and sophistication.  A man that has his own life and interests; who wants to share those interests with her.  A man who knows that being ‘nice guys’ are actually means being ‘nice, strong, confident men’.  These men finish first, not last.

If you find that you have areas of your life that need a bit of work, don’t shy away from it.  Just take the steps to learn how to overcome your anxieties.  Take a class on public speaking.  This may sound odd, but it puts you in front of both men and women and causes you to learn how to change and adapt your demeanor and behavior.

Remember that women WANT to be around nice guys.  But don’t confuse the behavior of nervous guy that women can walk over with that of a gentleman who is strong, masculine, and confident with himself.    REAL nice guys finish first.

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