alex-coulson-puaCo-Founder and Master Trainer and Instructor

Hey, I’m Alex Coulson..

I’m not a dating guru or a famous “pickup artist”. I’m a regular guy just like you. This may surprise you but … I don’t go out to bars and clubs 7 nights a week chasing girls. I prefer to meet women as I go about my day … while grabbing a coffee, returning a movie, shopping for clothes, or picking up some groceries.

While the pick up “gurus” are busy selling their products, speaking on stage and inventing more silly “theories”. I’m walking the streets meeting and getting dates with hot women!

In 2006 I released the first ever “day game” pick up video on you tube. That video attracted over 8 MILLION views, a 5 star rating, and thousands of positive comments!

One day, a news team called and wanted to put me to the test. Their camera crew followed me into a nightclub and secretly filmed me as I approached women. Within one hour I walked away with several phone numbers and dates. They were impressed!

After being featured live on TV, I started receiving hundreds of emails and phone calls from guys requesting to see more videos of me approaching women and getting dates. And so I hired a film crew, hit the streets and started picking up women LIVE on camera. That was four years ago, and today, our private membership website offers countless, full length videos: Street Dating Revealed

If you’re interested

Nowadays, I spend my time coaching men who are brave enough to attend my in-field boot camps. Over a single weekend, shy, nervous men who don’t know “what to say” to women are transformed into confident and charismatic men who women find attractive.

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alex-coulson-puaCo-Founder and Head Day Game Instructor

Jacks parents divorced when he was only 7 years old. He was a painfully shy boy who avoided other children in the school yard, often playing alone.

For high school, he was sent to live in an all-boys boarding school. He could go for weeks without even seeing a girl. In this male-dominated school, bullying was an everyday occurrence, and Jack was often the target of abuse.

Jack failed high school and was unable to enrol in University. So he worked odd jobs – as a dish washer, telemarketer and shelf packer at a supermarket.

His interest in psychology and human behaviour landed him a job in sales. Luckily, his boss was “Sweater” one of the famous pickup artists from The Game. Sweater took Jack under his wing, and they became wingmen and housemates.

One day, Mystery and Style visited the house and ended up staying for 2 weeks. Jack even participated in Mystery’s first ever Australian bootcamp. He enjoyed the bootcamp but found the teachings too complicated, difficult and hard to remember.

In 2006, Jack met Alex Coulson. He was immediately impressed with Alex’s natural, easy-going and playful style of meeting women. After learning and applying Alex’s Day Game methods, Jack experienced amazing results, within weeks!

Jack is the head coach and trainer of our Day Game boot camps. His students watch in awe as he effortlessly approaches and attracts the most beautiful women in ANY day time situation. After a few hours with Jack, his students gain the skills and confidence to achieve the same stunning results.

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DannySenior Instructor

As a shy guy with average looks Danny was frustrated with the all-too-familiar scenario of seeing an attractive women during the day and in bars and wishing he was able to approach her. Danny discovered the community after reading the infamous book “The Game”. Absorbing all the info that he could from various sources, Danny slowly progressed in pick-up.

Danny researched many gurus and was impressed with Alex Coulson’s non-gimmicky methods and simple philosophy. His seduction success increased significantly shortly after. “I’m confident in approaching women in any setting and it feels great to not have to “settle” anymore”. Danny is now a Succeed At Dating instructor. Being a former “Average Frustrated Chump”, Danny possesses the understanding and insight to really help a student improve their seduction game.


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