Ever want to be a pick up artist?  You’ve seen their stuff on the internet.  It’s usually canned material that you use to trick a woman into liking you.  At least that what’s they’d like you to believe.  You’ve got to know all the material, and repeat the script the way you’ve been instructed.  Once the material’s done, so are you.

The problem with being a pick up artist is that it’s all about tricks, lies and deception.  You manipulate women into talking with you, and then try to get them to be attracted to you after you’ve lied to them.  It doesn’t feel right when you do it.  It goes against what you know to be right.

What’s worse, THEY KNOW what you’re doing.  Women have an acute awareness of which guys are genuine and which guys are pick up artists.  They’ll look at you like you’re from some other planet when you try to lay those lines on them.  If you’re lucky, that’s all that will happen. I’ve seen some guys get slapped when they’ve used these lines.

The only time I’ve seen a pick up artist actually take a girl home was when she was totally blitzed.  How much fun do you think that was?

Women don’t respond to a pick up artist and his bag of lies.  What they do respond to is a real, genuine, natural man.  They want to be around a man who displays self-confidence.  They want a guy they can have a conversation and laugh with.  They want a guy who’s not afraid to flirt with them and have fun.  Not someone who comes on with canned and overused lines just so he can get into her panties.  No one likes to be used.

If you’re an average guy, just relax and be yourself.  Keep reading these articles and you’ll find tips on how to hone your skills with women and remain true to yourself.  Not how to be a pick up artist.

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