Pick up artists know what women want.  Right?  Well, it depends on if you know what a pick up artist really is.  If you think a pick up artist is some guy with hundreds of canned lines, who has a smooth style and has a hypnotic effect on women, you’re wrong.  That’s just the stuff you read about in fantasy books.

Real pick up artists are usually just regular guys.  They’re average in looks.  They have regular jobs and regular lives.  So, what’s their secret?

True pick up artists have one thing they do well.  They have confidence.  They’re not afraid to walk up to beautiful women and begin talking with them.  They’re not nervous when a beautiful woman walks up to them and begins smiling or talking with them.  They realize that they’re attractive to the hot women around them, so they decide who they want to be with.  They have complete control over their dating lives.

Confidence is the sexiest characteristic a man can possess.  Women want and expect you as the man to be confident and take the lead.  All pick up artists are aware of this fact, and use it to their advantage.  Confidence is what makes them able to walk up to a beautiful woman in any situation.  Because they’re confident in themselves, they can get a beautiful woman to smile, laugh, and get her phone number with ease.

There are a few tricks and tips that I can help you with, such as knowing how to read a woman’s body language, that can help you refine your skills.  The fraternity of pick up artists isn’t for a chosen few.  It’s for anyone who’s willing to step up to the next level.


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