The USA has over 300 million people.  You’d think with such a large population that getting to know someone would be an essential skill that everyone has.  But that’s not the case.  Picking up women in the USA is a little different, but once you know what makes them connect you’ll never be without a date.

The man who has confidence in himself, makes friends easily, and is relaxed around people will be ahead of almost anyone else in the room when it comes to picking up women in the USA.  Especially in the metropolitan areas of the country, most people in their 20’s and 30’s are extremely busy building their careers.  Many of them work insane hours.  So when it’s time to unwind, they want to be around people who know how to be relaxed.  It makes them feel more relaxed.

Transforming yourself to be more social is the first step.  People in the USA tend to have a small circle of friends, usually from college or their work.  Knowing how be more social and how make others feel relaxed is the first thing that will set you head and shoulders above any other guy in the room.  Women are naturally drawn to men who make everyone else feel relaxed and happy.  Picking up women in the USA starts with simply being relaxed, friendly, and social with everyone.

Alpha male qualities work very well here.  A man that’s confident in himself and is social as well makes a lot of friends.  This translates into being highly attractive to women; they like the feelings of being relaxed, being around friends, and having access to an alpha male.  Picking up women in the USA is not only easy, but fun.

Women love a man with a warm, confident nature.  It’s a feeling of safety and security that can’t be duplicated.  Picking up women in the USA is as easy as making friends.

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