Meet 25 Legendary Dating Coaches And
PUA’s You’re Going To Learn From ...
  Bad Boy & Marius - Those Bad Asses All the way from Eastern Europe! The ORIGINAL "Direct Game" Master - you'll love his refreshing, no-BS approach to getting the woman. Forget "winging", forget "attraction phase", drop "Sarging" and nearly EVERYTHING you've heard about getting women. Sometimes controversial, but always DEAD ON.
  Alex Coulson – the first man in the world to post in-field videos of him successfully picking up women on the street, in the café, the mall, bookstore, everywhere! You’ll learn effective techniques for meeting more attractive women in the day.
  Adam Lyons - Voted #1 Pickup Artist in the WORLD. He's America's NEW favorite rising star, as seen on UK Reality TV "Rules of Seduction"! This charming lad shows you how to overcome LMR simply, elegantly. Plus you'll really dig his accent if you're not from the UK!
  Mehow - The originator of in field videos, best selling author of "Get The Girl (TM)", "Group Attraction (TM)", and "10 Second Sexual Attraction (TM)"! When you see his LIVE routine on the DVD, you'll laugh your head off at how simple it all is.
  Sweater from The Game – Sweater is a 54 year old playboy who is an exciting, funny and charming guy who regularly meets and dates women half his age! He will share stories, lessons and techniques any man can use to succeed with women – no matter your looks, income or even age!
  David Wygant - The Orignal "Hitch" - Will Smith's Character was based on this Natural! Oh, by the way, think AGE may be an issue to transitioning to sex with tons of young hotties? THINK AGAIN! Mr. Wygant is going on 48 years young and sleeps with 20 year olds!
  Jack – an absolute master of Day Game who will teach you new and unconvential strategies for approaching, meeting and connecting with women in the day time.
  Speer - Lifestyle expert! One of the community's favorite new teachers. Simple is always best and this is what makes Speer an authority on what WORKS.
  Asian Playboy - Hard to be involved in the community without hearing about Asian Playboy. He's revolutionized how Asian men go about dating - Voted best Asian pickup artist!
  Brad P - If you want the best openers, or want to know what to say when you see that luscious hottie across the room, this is your man. Brad is the World's foremost authority on Opening!
  Johnny Wolf - ABC's of Attraction Senior Instructor, teaches lifestyle attraction game, building an attractive lifestyle, the 4-hour workweek in action, and getting girls to approach you.
  Vince Kelvin - Same Night Sex and Seduction Coaching Expert.
  Steve "the dean" Williams - The Alpha Syndicate, teaches relationships, being a true alpha male, and goes in depth about marriage and fatherhood.
Plus FIVE more surpise speakers to be announced closer to the Summit. Every year we've brought you the best the PUA Community has to offer and this year will be no different!

Female Panel Of Experts


You’re also going to hear from our all star panel of super attractive and intelligent female panel of experts. These are women who are “switched on” when it comes to understanding how pickup works AND the important female perspective too.

You’ll learn important lessons from them AND you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions about your biggest challenges with women – and get answers from real-life women. This eye-opening experience is only available at The PUA World Summit!

Dream Location: Hollywood California!
(September 24th to 26th)

Hollywood "Babeland" California! Where you'll find even more beautiful women per square mile than cars on freeways during rush hour!

You'll be able to step right out of the room into the field, and see others approach and wing with some of the top PUAs in the world!

Many attendees who travel from all around the world take advantage of this dream location!  Not only as an opportunity for same night lays and parties that make spring break pale in comparison, but also to vacation and enjoy the beautiful babe packed California beaches and glamourous Hollywood nightlife!

Special Discount For Alex Coulson Guests!

(Only 25 Discounted Seats Left!)

We talked to our friend Vince Kelvin (the event organiser) and arranged a special discount for 50 25 of our newsletter readers ONLY.

Tickets to the summit are usually $399 for a VIP seat and $199 for normal registration. But when you sign up through our special discount links below, you save $100!

WARNING: These discounted seats are only available for the first 50 people who sign up and only via the sign up links on this web page.

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