Romantic conversation starters are just another skill set in the art of seduction.  You can learn how to create a sensual mood and arouse her by using this technique.

The easiest romantic conversation starters are compliments.  I’m not talking about your run- of-the- mill compliments of “nice hair” or “that’s a pretty dress you’re wearing”.  Take a moment to think of how you can personalize your compliment.  For instance, when you see a woman you want to meet, tell her “you make that dress look wonderful”.  That’s more personal, more sensual in a subtle way, and definitely let’s her know that you’re attracted to her.   Give her a moment to respond to your comment, and then introduce yourself.

You see, women want to be with a man that can make her feel beautiful, sexy, or hot.  Romantic conversation starters will accomplish this for you quite easily.

Whenever you see a woman you want to seduce, approach her with some easy-going romantic conversation starters.  This will allow you to stimulate her emotions without coming across as being pushy or overbearing.  After the initial introduction, start a making a connection with her.  Persuade her to tell you what her passions are, making sure that you have eye contact with her as she’s sharing.

Have fun with her.  You’ll hear this from me time and time again – women love to laugh.  When you craft romantic conversation starters that make a woman laugh, you’re half-way to bed with her.  When a woman feels happy and positive, she’s more open to flirting and sexual teasing.

But always keep the conversation focused on romance.  I’m not talking about sex.  Romance is more important to a woman.  Romance is what makes her feel beautiful, sensual, and sexy.  Get her talking about a dream vacation or a favorite memory from her childhood.  These types of topic will help her feel more open and make her happy.  They will help to satisfy the need for romance.  Romantic conversation starters allow you to begin a seduction more effectively that almost any other approach.

You may think that romantic conversation starters are best used in a club or at a party, but, you can easily learn to adapt them to other situations.  Beautiful, sexy women are everywhere.  The man that can master the skill of romantic conversation can approach and get the attention of the woman he wants in any setting he chooses.  Any time.  Any place.

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