We’ve all watched it in the movies for years.  Everyone from Cary Grant and Rock Hudson all the way to Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant were seducing multiple women.  So can a guy really date several women at once and still remain sane?  Absolutely!  Just handle a few issues up front, and you can have as much variety as you want.

The number one rule in dating and seducing multiple women is this:  Straightforward honesty.  You need to start fresh and begin by letting the girl know that you want to have fun and enjoy her company, but that you will be dating other women.  You don’t have to just blurt it out that way; just ask her what she thinks about that sort of arrangement then proceed from there.

You will have some that reject the whole idea.  But, you’ll be surprised to find that there will be a number of women that actually DO want that kind of relationship.  It might be because they are really into their careers, they travel a lot, they are studying furiously and don’t have time for anything else, or they just like the freedom.

Don’t try to start this with a girl you’ve been dating for a while.  You want this lifestyle.  You’ll need to break off the relationship.  She won’t like it, but it’s the only ethical way of handling the situation.

Secondly, don’t let romance get in the way.  Keep away from candlelit dinners, strolls in the park, anything that brings romance into the picture.  The whole point of this type of lifestyle is having fun, enjoying the company of a woman, and having a great time in bed.  Nothing more.  Going to clubs, out with a group of friends for a night on the town, sporting events, or parties are good places to go.  If she starts to get possessive or tries to get you to be more romantic, or paired to only her, then it’s time to call it quits.

Third, remember that she’s a free agent just as much as you are.  Don’t expect faithfulness for you alone.

Lastly, keep track of things.  Make sure you keep a good handle on your schedule.  Don’t get stodgy and date the same girl at the same time each week.  Mix it up; just keep track of who, when, and where.

Along with your schedule, keep track of your health.  Wearing a condom each and every time is just good practice, especially when dating multiple women at one time.  It only takes one encounter to become infected with HIV, hepatitis, herpes, or some other nasty disease.  You don’t want to get it.  You don’t want to spread it.

That’s it.  Just be honest, ethical, have fun, be free, and keep track of things.

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